• Nicholas Cuomo

2019: A Wonderful Year in Real Estate

Moving out of the fifth month of what was a brand new year not long ago, is now one of the greatest years in real estate from an agency perspective since the crash of 2008. Why? One of the highlighting reasons is because the federal reserve has "signaled" that it will not be raising mortgage interest rates for the rest of the year, in comparison to the three rate hikes experienced in the previous year of 2018. This impacts the housing market with a spike of buyers who will be incentivized to buy, while interest rates remain relatively low. Homes that are priced correctly, even slightly above market value, when marketed correctly, are selling in as little as just a few days for top dollar, whether high end or median, that mixture creates the foresight of a very healthy market for the rest of the coming year! 

Spring is here and the market is incredibly competitive! Spring is traditionally considered as the season to sell, but it's always recommended to get a jump start in the earlier months of March, or even February, when inventory is lower. Regardless, some extra time to prep for a home sale to create the best initial presentation, is worth the extra time to receive a strong response from the market - in other words, be sure to move quickly, since the motivation of others can directly impact home values, if one home is priced to sell and another, which is similar, is priced 10k-15k higher, the home that is priced to sell will always move faster of course because buyers will not pay for something if they can have the same or similiar for less and in real estate, it's all about standing out!

What's new these days? The festivities seem to be endless, both locals and those who need to leave the constant hustle and bustle of the city to maintain their sanity, set out to enjoy all that is offered in the Hudson Valley. Some of the first places that come to mind as the best to explore for a day out are Tarrytown, Beacon, Nyack, Warwick and New Paltz. Each one of these towns has its own unique charm. Tarrytown and Nyack offer great experiences, spirited musicians on the sidewalks and views of the Hudson, while Beacon has renowned art museums like the Dia and an infectious surrounding feel of youthful vibrant energy. This small city spans many blocks filled with art galleries, small mercantile boutique shops, and restaurants like the Roundhouse.  The Roundhouse offers a great dining experience, large windows along the water that actually has neon lighting at night and mountain views, amazing to see as the sun begins to set! And Warwick, which is special because it's tucked away in what feels like its own world. The town is adorable with a variety of menu's, juice bars and is most well known for the Warwick Winery, so come out, relax and sit back with your glass of wine accompanied by beautiful scenery and hopefully a nice conversation. Last, but not least, I've always enjoyed New Paltz, young and artsy, it simply makes one feel truly alive while out and around the crowd. Known for it's kayaking trips, local hiking, breweries like the Gilded Otter and sidewalks filled with smiling faces, makes for the perfect place. Whether you're looking to get out for the day, buy a weekend home or your first home, the Hudson Valley's amenities are endless!

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