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The Stigma of Winter!

Updated: Feb 11, 2019

Starting the topic on the complete opposite side of the spectrum, Spring, has coined itself the season of Selling while the benefits of Winter still linger, until proven otherwise....So what are the major benefits that can quickly create a different perspective on things?

The Benefits of putting your home on the market during the winter months come from an array of different factors, but can easily be simplified in the few paragraphs below.

Less Competition! While spring is the season that everyone seems to hold out for, there's a common misconception about the market place during that time of year. The benefit of spring is that there's A LOT MORE BUYERS out there! This is great but...there's also A LOT MORE COMPETITION with ALL OF THE HOMES coming to market. 

How does this realization benefit SELLERS in the WINTER? Because there's less homes for sale in the winter months, this creates a fluctuation in the housing market to a seller's market. What creates a Seller's Market? Less options for serious buyers, means higher prices for seller's and can even influence bidding wars which is always more likely to take place in any low inventoried market.

When there are a ton of homes that come to market, it allows buyers the option to fall in love with a home, your home, but if they don't get what they want to negotiate, whether it be Price, or something that they may be dissatisfied with during an inspection or appraisal, app's like Realtor and Zillow, help buyers to monitor housing markets with ease directly from their smart phone daily, which allows for an optimism to move on and move forward to their next possible dream home.

So ask yourself this question...With closing dates negotiable as well, which means you wouldn't necessarily have to move in the middle of winter. Would you rather be at the closing table receiving a check? Or having the money transferred into your bank account at the Start of Spring, maybe even a little before, or run the risk of Expiring due to the volume of competition? While higher prices can be justified during the low inventory of Winter Months, the spring market doesn't only bring competition, but also brings competitive prices at market value alongside the comparable homes for sale in your market place. 

More informative Blogs and Videos To Come! Stay Tuned!

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