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As my client, you're always a top priority.

Nicholas is your quintessential problem solver, focused first and foremost on your needs and objectives to purchase your home or make the sale of your property an enjoyable, smooth, and efficient experience. Clients feel comfortable around Nicholas and feel they can talk with him as if they've known him forever. This welcoming characteristic stems from a multitude of different backgrounds and natural interpersonal skills that shine through all his communications.


Nicholas is very well versed in the real estate market, accomplishing many deals throughout the Hudson Valley, Southern Catskills, and Bergen County in New Jersey as well, with the desire to expand even further. Originally born and raised in Airmont, NY, Nicholas has a solid knowledge base of the lower Hudson Valley and inner-city areas to better tailor homeownership pursuits, along with an understanding of how to effectively price and market a home with an intuitive approach resulting in satisfactory results, placing high values on morals and hard work. Nicholas fervently delivers extraordinary services to his clients who greatly appreciate his deliberate attention to details, while always aware of the Big Picture.


When recharging his batteries, Nicholas enjoys spending time with loved ones, exploring the arts, and constantly searching for new inspiration toward expanding his perceptions.

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